Optionalysis Pvt. Ltd (India)

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Optionalysis conducts private and targeted education and training seminars in the following areas:



  • Risk management
  • Derivatives strategies for trading and hedging
  • options education and training
  • quantitative strategies
  • corporate Currency hedging and risk management 



Seminars and training sessions are suitable for


  • Brokerage firms training of employees on derivatives
  • Corporate treasury for advice on risk management and hedging
  • Proprietary trading and funds interested in quantitative strategies and risk management



Examples of Seminars



FX Derivatives and Hedging :  Introduction to derivatives on the currency markets and corporate hedging strategies.  Invaluable for importers, exporters, FII and corporations with currency exposure.


Optionalysis FX Seminar Content



Derivatives, quantitative strategies and risk management: Seminar designed to cover many topics related to derivatives use for quantitative strategies and risk management. Advanced topics explained in an easy to understand format. Invaluable for traders, quants and brokers


Optionalysis Derivatives Seminar Content