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Meet the Team

The Optionalysis Team is a dedicated group of traders, researchers and developers that all sit together in a tight knit collegiate environment in our Worli offices.

Options market making is as much a technology business as it is a trading business and thus our traders and development staff work together as one team.


Ravi Surana

Ravi Surana_smalld

Ravi has been with us almost from the start and is a passionate derivatives trader.  He is involved in both equity and currency options as well as developing prop trading ideas on options. He used to have a passion for collecting degrees and certifications (he has an M.Com., MBA, CFA1 and FRM !) but now has discovered the greater excitement of working at Optionalysis.


  Aashish Chheda


Aashish predominantly focuses on the currency options market making which he has taken up with extreme passion as  he enjoys the fast pace and challenge of market making in options. An avid reader, he claims to have a MMS degree but we believe he really has a degree in Cricket and soccer as he is always off participating in some tournament somewhere!


Sheetal Shah


Sheetal is our hot shot head of development who is leading the way in building Optionalysis’ sophisticated real time quoting engines. A stickler to quality programming, she is meticulous and thorough – and also cracks the whip with the team keeping them in line! She has a BCE and many years experience in trading technology.



Monali Jobanputra Rao


Monali is leading the building out of Optionalysis’ Derivatives research service with a background in the area for many years. She has quickly incorporated traditional derivatives research with many sophisticated analytic techniques into easy to understand reports. Her special powers include defying Mumbai traffic and being the first in the office each morning!






Shashank is the go to guy when there is a technical issue at Optionalysis.  With an MCA and software development background he has also been active in ITES and support. Strangely though, we know he has a surname, but like Prince, he just likes to go by Shashank!