Optionalysis Pvt. Ltd (India)

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Market Making

Optionalysis has developed sophisticated, proprietary Options market making systems for Equity and Currency option segments.  Our technology enables us to continuously quote options prices into the exchange electronically.


It’s systems are currently deployed for making markets in USDINR options on the BSE and select single stock options on the NSE.  Market making is done in partnership with our broker partner – Crosseas Capital.


The market making engines are all electronic and automated. Prices update in real time across all strikes we quote.  We employ sophisticated Volatility curve management systems that adjusts our volatilities automatically.


Options market making is more about Risk management than prop trading.  We are exceptional risk managers and have developed a suite of risk tools and processes. This enables us to continuously manage and control our risk so we have limited market exposure- and thus we will be around making markets and providing liquidity even in volatile and distressed markets.