Optionalysis Pvt. Ltd (India)

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About Us

Optionalysis Pvt. Ltd. is an independent derivatives research and trading company formed as a joint venture with AQF Advisors India and Crosseas Capital.


Optionalysis operates totally independently with its own team of technologists, traders and management.


The company vision is to expand the Indian derivatives markets by categorically being a market maker in both currency and equity options


Optionalysis was founded in 2012 initially in a partnership with BRICS Securities. In 2014 it moved into its current home with Crosseas Capital in Worli


The initial focus for Optionalysis was Single stock options market making. But this is a segment that has been slow to take off in India. So the focus was expanded to currency options and in very short order, Optionalysis has become the most prominent market maker in USDINR Options.  The USDINR Options market on the BSE has the longest duration actively quoted options of any options in India


The above success in USDINR led an a expansion of Optionalysis’ relationship with the BSE and most recently we have started quoting Sensex Options as well, hoping to provide an alternative options market to the Nifty.


In 2015 we also expanded into providing customized, high quality, unbiased derivatives research unlike that provided by any other derivatives research desk in India.